Increase Website Traffic with Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking has become one of the ways to drive traffic to your website. We will show you some of the best social bookmarking sites that will drive traffic to your site.

What social bookmarking means ?

Social bookmarking sites are places where people from all over the world keep track of interesting articles, videos, and other useful material. These sites are often used for sharing web pages with others. Most social bookmarking sites are also very useful for promoting your website. Here’s a quick look at some top social bookmarking sites and how you can increase your traffic.

Social bookmarking means you have to spread the word about a website, blog, article, video, or any other piece of information that you find interesting. It is one of the off-page SEO activities. Where links are passed on and then indexed by search engines.

The basic principle is simple: you save content and sites to be bookmarked by other users. Sites like Diigo, Digg, Reddit, etc. are all social bookmarking sites where you can submit your favorite websites and web pages for others to other people can see and visit your website.

Why is social bookmarking used?

Social bookmarking is commonly used to share content online and to bookmark content for later use.

A social bookmarking site is a type of Internet-based social media service that allows users to add bookmarks of textual, audio, graphical, and video content to the site, and then share these items with other users.

In simple words, a user can post a link on the bookmarking site to an article or web page that they want others to see. Other users then have the ability to either “to like” or “to dislike” these posts.

Importance of social bookmarking?

Research shows that social bookmarking is a way to increase the online visibility of your website. Social bookmarking has increased in popularity in the last few years.

Social bookmarking is an important tool for online marketers or SEO professionals because it helps them increase their online Website visibility. It also helps them validate the quality of their content, as it can be posted to various platforms depending on what social media platform the person is using.

Social bookmarking is important for any business because it helps get more traffic to a site or page.

How to choose the right social bookmarking for you?

Now you see there are so many social bookmarking sites available on the internet, But there are so many reasons why you are not getting results. Some reasons mentioned below

Select right category while submission

Mostly All websites allow every type of social bookmarking, but sometimes we do not select the right category while submitting your content.
For example, You have a niche of food products, and you are submitting to the tech category, then this doesn’t make sense because the traffic or people are searching for tech or technical content.

Type of backlink you get in return

This is also an important thing while submitting on social media sites to keep in mind what type of links you are getting back in return. There are two types of link, Dofollow Link and Nofollow Link because if you are getting dofollow will help you to get some link juice to your websites while on another hand if you get nofollow link then you will not get any link juice to your site.

Also, One important thing is that before submitting to social sites, always check they have high domain authority than your website.

Daily and monthly visitors

A third thing to check while submitting your link to a social bookmarking site is to check daily and monthly visitors to that site. If a particular site is having good traffic on that platform, then only helps you to more visibility.

There are many tools and extensions are available on the internet which will help you to get information about their daily and monthly visitors.


Hopefully, you’ve found a few bookmarking sites that you’ll enjoy and stick with. Which ones have you found to be effective? Which ones have you removed from your list? If you’re interested in more tips and tricks to get your website more traffic, check out our posts about everything from how to promote your website to how to boost the profits from your blog.


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