what is a domain?

A domain is a name that gives information about your business or services, which is a name that users can access your website. For example, there are few boys are playing cricket in your area and you found that this boy is your friend’s son how you call her by name. That way, a domain is your business identity the way people search about your business or service.

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A domain name may be a mixture of words and numbers. But if you have only words in the domain, then that it is good to understand and recall in the mind of people. There are many types of domains available in domain sites, .net, .services, and much more. If you have a 3-5 letter domain then its great (, adobe), and if you have a 6-9 letter domain, then it’s good (Facebook, google). a 10-13domain  ok. ok. 
If you want to start your business or want to provide services online.
You need to have a website, and for that, register a domain. The registration process is easy and simple. You only use one domain for one website.

There are many websites from where you buy a domain for your need.

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