Domain authority and Page authority

What is DA and PA in SEO?

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What are DA and PA in SEO?

DA means Domain Authority and PA means Page Authority. It will show the rank of your websites. If you have just started your website and if you buy you have a new domain then it will show DA =1 PA=1.

Domain Authority and Page Authority are not made by Google. It is made by Moz, Moz is one of top name for the SEO industry. Most made DA and PA

What do DA and PA do?

It will show the value of your domain and website. It will show what your DA and PA rank in the Market.
If your DA and PA  Rank is good. This will not affect your Search engine ranking directly. But if your  Domain Authority and Page Authority is very good then it will indirectly help your website to grow your rank and traffic to your website. It will give you a boost and if you have good content on your websites it will increase your rank.

How do you check the DA and PA  of your websites?

To check your Domain Authority and Page Authority of your website, you’re to check in your browser Moz.
Click on this link, moz to check your DA & PA of your website.
If your Domain is new then you want to get DA & PA  ranking of your website. It takes at least 3 months to check your DA & PA.

What is Domain authority?

Domain authority is the number of websites or brands that point to your website when someone searches for a particular keyword. Your domain authority can be estimated by the number of other sites pointing to it. It’s a metric that ranks websites according to how likely they are to lead searchers to convert.

Why domain authority is important?

High domain authority domains are worth more than low domain authority domains because they carry more weight in search engines. A search engine is the collection of all websites and online content on the Internet. For example, if you enter “pet supplies” into a search engine, your search results page might include links to,, and You might think that building a website that loads quickly and looks slick is all that matters, but putting that website.

What is page authority?

Page authority is a particular kind of web traffic that refers to how many web visitors see a specific web page over all others. Visitors who see a good deal on a product or service tend to be more interested in that product or service than others who see little benefit from it. And conversely, those with little need for a particular product or service can be less likely to see it than others who would benefit from it.

Why page authority is important?

Page Authority (PA) is a web design metric that measures how often a website appears on the first page of search results for a chosen domain. The higher the Page Authority, the better chance that visitors will find your website highly useful and offer you their time or money. In general, high-quality websites have a lot of visitors, resulting in more traffic and sales.


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